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Make sure you vote everyday, it's what helps us gradually gain a bigger community. Also, if you would like to donate message me in game I am always on.


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    Post by Pilla on Sat Jun 12, 2010 5:07 am

    Please Remember!

    • Try make your posts meaningful, and do not post brief comments such as "lol," "nice," or "10/10."

    • Do not double-post (post twice in a row in the same topic). Instead, please edit your posts with updated content.

    • Do not post "Bump" or a meaningless post for the sole sake of raising a topic's position in the forum index within the first 24 hours. After said hours, once per 24 hours is permitted.

    • If you need to inform the topic starter of anything, you may send them a private message.

    • Hacking other members will not be tolerated.

    • Scamming attempts will be dealt with, but if you are scammed, we do not take responsibility and are not liable to take action.

    • Stay on topic in threads; don't hijack them.

    • Do not post a new topic directed at a certain member. Use the private message system for all private conversations.

    Encouraging/Aggravating Others To Break Rules - You are not allowed encourage or aggravate others to break rules. This includes taunting, ridiculing & provoking. The punishment for this will vary on the severity of its outcome.

    Staff Impersonation - Impersonating staff will lead to a lengthy ban. This includes portraying yourself to be a part of the staff team. This also includes manipulating new or confused members with your knowledge, and intentionally misleading them.

    Ban Evasion - Ban evasion is considered to be a severe offense, and if conducted, it will lead to even further and possibly more serious consequences. A temporary ban evasion may lead to a permanent ban, and then possibly an IP ban. Simply put, do not try to evade your ban; serve it and don’t risk your account. Account sharing / relaying messages from the banned user(s) is not allowed as well. Exception made when an alternative account is used to create your appeal, although said account cannot post or talk in shoutbox.

    Graphics Ripping - If you happen to be caught ripping other people’s graphics work, you will be dealt with appropriately. The punishment under normal circumstances is up to the graphics team and staff. Ripping ones graphics is simply pointless. You gain nothing yourself, and will receive a severe punishment. Do not rip or leech other members’ graphics. This includes claiming others work as your own.

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