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    In Game Rules


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    In Game Rules Empty In Game Rules

    Post by Chris on Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:58 am

    Rule 1: No argueing over Global. (This includes with Staff or players)

    Rule 2: Don't disprect Staff.

    Rule 3: No Scamming other peoples Items or Accounts.

    Rule 4: No using Bots or Macro's. (Programs Such As Auto Clickers, Auto Miners, Etc.)

    Rule 5: No buying or selling of Jagex property. (This includes Runescape Items and Accounts)

    Rule 6: No racial slurs.

    Rule 7: Don't spam about donations; Just inform the Owner/Co-owner that their paypal has been updated.

    Rule 8: Don't ask for a staff position.

    Rule 9: No asking to get out of Jail (tell a Staff member to talk to the person who jailed you if you think you have been wrongfully jailed)

    Rule 10: Do not disobey a Staff member (If they say to stop you must stop)

    Rule 11: No abusing a bug or glitch if you find one report it to a staff member for a possible donation item.

    Rule 12: No impersonating a Staff member (This includes saying "Im gonna mute you" or "Im gonna ban you")

    Rule 13: No looting player drops (Do NOT pick up other peoples kills unless they are finished.)

    Rule 14: No spamming.

    Rule 15: No having the words "Mod" or "Admin" in your name.

    Rule 16: No using colored texts.

    Rule 17: No duping (No duplicating your Items, Meaning Using A Method To Make Doubles Of An Item)

    Rule 18: No keeping illegals (Mod Items).

    Rule 19: No 0-4 iteming. Autokeep items do NOT count.

    Rule 20: No putting Fires on buildings.

    Rule 22: Don't "Player-Jump" a.k.a. PJ.

    Rule 23: No safing any monsters.

    Rule 24. Do not fill up the General Store NPC's.

    Rule 25 No dodging in PvP area's (Attacking then Running).

    Rule 26: Do not use tele-other to any player without their consent.

    Rule 27: No offensive language.

    Rule 28: Always co-operate when a Staff Member checks you.
    pure ketchup
    pure ketchup

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    In Game Rules Empty Re: In Game Rules

    Post by pure ketchup on Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:04 am

    so we cant say "fuck you" to a normal player? i mean every1 gets into fights,and what do you mean "fires on buildings"

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    In Game Rules Empty Re: In Game Rules

    Post by RoXaZ on Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:12 am

    OfC we can't say that to ''Normal Players''

    And setting Fires on Buildings is putting a fire on a wall, so you can walk through it.

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    In Game Rules Empty Re: In Game Rules

    Post by Pilla on Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:38 pm

    pure ketchup wrote:so we cant say "fuck you" to a normal player? i mean every1 gets into fights,and what do you mean "fires on buildings"

    Just don't say it at all...

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    In Game Rules Empty Re: In Game Rules

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